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Item #M119C - Adam Ellis 17" All-Purpose with Integrated Panels and Movable/Removable Front & Back Blocks

$ 1,495.00


Adam Ellis 17” All Purpose Saddle. Seat measures 17”. If you are not yet familiar with this brand, it is a custom brand made in England and this one comes with some amazing features. Integrated panels allow for a closer feel of the horse. One of my favorite features on this saddle is that both the front and back blocks are on a velcro backing. This means that you can add or remove them to you heart’s content. The other amazing thing this feature allows you to do is to reposition the front or back blocks to customize the positioning to your exact leg. Another feature I like is that the front and back blocks are larger than average in size for more support over larger fences. (You will also appreciate that feature if you do cross-country courses, foxhunting, trail riding, ride green horses, or any other situation where a little extra support for a secure ride is desirable.) Flap measures approximately 15” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap; flap measures approximately 14” in width at the widest point. Tree is suitable for horses of muscular build, measuring approximately 4.5”+ if I take the measurement where the dots would normally sit on the underside of the saddle. Retail on this saddle around $3,000. Soft, supple leather. This is one of those “the owner’s loss is your gain” situations, as the owner had this saddle made to fit her horse, and then ended up selling the horse a few weeks after the saddle arrived. So the saddle literally has just three rides on it. Demo condition, perfect for the rider who wants an essentially new saddle at a used price. All I see is the mark/nail holes from the nameplate. Enjoy the huge savings! PROMOTIONAL SPECIAL: FREE SADDLE PAD (WHEN YOU FINALIZE THE SALE AFTER TRIAL PERIOD)