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Item #M167C - Equinefit 17" Saddle, Very Good Condition, Wool-Flocked, Forward Flap, Regular Tree, 4 Billets for More Girthing Options, Retails $4,000 and up

$ 1,695.00


Equinefit 17” Close Contact Jumping Saddle.  This is a great saddle for the rider who appreciates having options and versatility! (Read on for details about that). Features soft, supple leather. Flatter seat depth. For more information on this brand, which retails as high as $4,000 and up, here is an article about Equinefit: http://ridingmagazine.com/oldsite/riding_onlinemag/articles/2011_02/equinefit.htm  

Wool-flocked, which means that a saddler can adjust the amount of flocking to fine-tune the fit for your horse to some extent. This gives you more options than a foam saddle in how to customize the fit your horse (and future horses). Another feature I love about this saddle is that is has 4 billets on each side, to allow for a range of different girthing options as needed for different horses. For example, some people find that using the point billet up in front combined with one the other billets is extremely helpful if you have a horse that tends to have saddle slippage. You may also appreciate the broader distribution of pressure points by using different billets in a “V” configuration. Yet it still gives you the option to use the billets in the traditional manner as well. A great feature that riders will appreciate about this saddle is that the front blocks are on Velcro. That gives you two additional options: The first option is that if you care to remove the blocks, you can remove and add them as often as desired (perhaps remove for flat days and add for jumping days for instance). The second options is that you can adjust the position of the blocks to suit your build, as there is a broader area for the placement of the block so you can play with your exact preferred positioning of them. For all these reasons this saddle offers more versatility in options than most of the comparable high-end brands.

Regular tree which I would describe as a true regular (i.e. does not border on narrow or wide in our opinion; best suited to horses of average build). Flap is standard length, forward position measuring approximately 13” in length fro the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 15” in width at the widest part of the flap. Forward flap allows more room from hip to knee, helpful for riders who have a long femur, or for higher levels of jumping where a rider may desire to shorten stirrups.   Serial number 505041202. Very good condition. Supple dark brown leather.  Consignor tells us the saddle was purchased as a graduation gift in 2012. Ideal saddle for a rider who wants the performance of a high-priced brand, in nice condition, with more bang for the buck than the competitor brands, as we can bring this one to you at a lower price relative to the new cost. $1695