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Item #VO11C - Voltaire Palm Beach 17", Long Flap (3), Dark Brown Full Calfskin, Beautiful Condition 2011, Super Soft Grippy, 4.5", with Free Prestige Leathers, Free Royal Rider Irons, Free D-savers and Free 5-Point Breastplate

$ 2,795.00


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Voltaire 17” Close Contact Jumping Saddle. This is one of the most grippy saddles we have ever seen come through the shop, so if you love grippy leather this may be the one for you. Seat measures true to size by our tape. This is their flagship and most popular model, the Palm Beach, which is a half-deep seat that is in the middle of their range in between their flat and deep seat models. Features beautiful dark brown leather, a color that resists wear especially well in our experience. This is the upgraded full calfskin leather, a premium feature that costs extra and gives you that extra grip in the saddle for added security. This stunning saddle is in gorgeous condition. If you want a saddle as close to new as possible without the price and wait time of ordering new, this may be your saddle. All I see is darkening on the billet guards, typical signs of use on billets, and the usual signs of a previous nameplate which will be covered by yours.  Outstanding condition, with soft grippy leather. Regular tree, measuring a  generous 4.5” approximate measurement between the two dots under the pommel, a measurement that works well on many horses, and with a panel option to allow the saddle to fit many horses well. One of my favorite features about Voltaire saddles is that the billets can be easily replaced without going to a saddler. Should you ever wish to replace them you simply order new ones from Voltaire and slip the nylon loop end over rings installed. No downtime, no labor cost! Another great feature is that there are two billets with 3 billet ring positions, so that you can move your billets as desired among the three positions. This eliminates the problem of what I call "third wheel billet syndrome" where on a typical saddle there's that third billet you rarely used which then stretches unevenly compared to the other two and thus becomes almost useless when you do need to use it. With this saddle your billets will always stretch evenly and you just place them where you like among the 3 rings. Made in 2011, looks much newer from the condition. Must see in person to appreciate the stunning condition! Features a long flap (3) measuring appproximately 13 ¾” in length from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 13” in width.  Plus comes with over $400 in free extras! (You don't have to take the extras if there is anything you don't want, but you may as well since they are free, or you can have us sell any items you won't use and enjoy getting a check in the mail.) Prestige leathers (120 cm) are included ($140 retail), Royal Rider irons with the best-grip-in-the-industry cheese grater style footbed ($140 retail), HDR 5-point Breastplate ($125) plus a pair of D-savers and Voltaire cover. Retail $5700 new in this leather option (plus over $400 in extras bringing the total package to over $6,000 retail), so get this one for less, be riding in it by the weekend, with the chance to try before you decide, and all of your barnmates will still think you bought it new. Ours just $2795.