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Item #SC2C - Schleese Custom 17/17.5 Dressage Saddle, 2006, Adjustable "Adaptree" Tree, Retail $4k - high $7k new

$ 1,695.00


Schleese Dressage Saddle. If you love soft, grippy leather, this may be the saddle for you! By the tape we get 17.25 – 17.5”, and the manufacturer lists it as a 17”, so may work for a rider who normally rides in a 17” or 17.5” seat.  One of my favorite features about this saddle is the the blocks are on Velcro. This means that should you desire different types or lengths of blocks, you can switch them out. (Schleese has sets of blocks available for purchase on their website should you ever wish to experiment with a different set of blocks.) Want to purchase your saddle and be able to have a chance to use it on other horses in the future? This one is a great choice as it is the adjustable “Adaptree” tree, which means that a saddler can adjust the tree size for you to the size you desire. (For those reason, many people I know who have Schleeses love them, because if you get a new horse where maybe you go from a high-withered TB type build to a wide-backed WB type or vice versa, the saddle can come with you via tree adjustment without the time and expense of have to sell the old saddle and search for a different one when you get a new horse.) Consignor tells us this current tree setting has worked well on lighter breeds. If you desire a different size you would just have a saddler make the adjustment to your desired size. (If I take the measurement trying to approximate where dots would be if there were dots, I get about 4 3/8” from the imaginary dot to dot area to approximate fit of the current setting.)  Wool-flocked, which allows another dimension of adjustability in fit for horse as a saddler can adjust flocking to further fine-tune the fit. Flap measures a typical standard length at approximately 16” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap. Super soft, grippy leather.  Slim knee pads. Cutback style pommel can offer additional comfort for higher-withered horses. I just see slight seat wrinkle, and typical signs of use on the billets. Made in February 2006. Serial number stamp includes original owner’s name and horse name stamped by the manufacturer under flap (as this was a complete custom order, these names appear where you might otherwise find the model name). Save thousands and enjoy the top performance of a great brand with the benefits now and in the future of the adjustable tree. Schleese dressage saddles new retail from $4,000 to high $7,000 range. Price To Be Determined.