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Item #SC1C - Schleese Jete 16.5/17" 2014 with Patented and Flexible AdapTree (Fully Adjustable Tree Can be Adjusted by Saddler to Any Tree Size), New $5695 to $6190 range, ours just $2795

$ 2,795.00


The wait is over! For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the chance to try the Schleese Jete (minus the  $5695 - $6190 price tag), we finally got our hands on one! Unlike competitor French brands, this saddle features Schleese’s patented AdapTree  (We recommend that you read more about it here: https://schleese.com/our-adaptree/) which can be adjusted by a saddler to any tree size. Leasing a horse? No problem. Adjust to the current horse and know that you can adjust again if you buy a horse later on.  Own a young growing horse? No problem, the tree can be adjusted as your horse grows. Moving up a level requiring a new horse? No problem, your saddle can come with you and be adjusted to the new horse. Rehabbing your horse? No problem, this saddle can be adjusted to whatever horse you will be riding in the meantime, and readjusted back to your horse when he’s ready to come back into work. For these and other reasons, an adjustable tree can create a world of time and money savings in addressing any of the numerous scenarios that a rider may face. In addition to the adjustable tree, this saddle features another dimension of adjustability, in that it is wool-flocked, which allows a saddler to adjust the flocking as necessary to further fine-tune the fit for your horse’s particular shape.  In addition to being adjustable, this tree is also flexible, to follow the movement of the back in the best comfort for the horse. This saddle features premium European leather (with a pretty stitching pattern similar to the CWD models on some of their calfskin saddles, which keeps the softer outer layer firmly secure at multiple points to the durable layer underneath.)  Beautiful color combination option of cognac and chestnut. Stamped 17” and measures approximately 16 ¾” by our tape, so may work for a rider who normally rides in a 16.5 or a rider who rides in a 17. Features front and back blocks. Has both billet guards, the nice full length kind that protect the entirety of the billet area. Cutaway sweat flap (similar to Devoucoux saddles) allows for a closer feel through the rider's lower leg. Padded flap. Flap measures approximately 14” in length from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom and approximately 13 ¾” in width at the widest point. Lots of room through the gullet to adequately clear the spine on each side. Currently set to what we would consider approximately medium size tree (remember that a saddler can adjust it to the best tree size for your horse). Beautifully maintained, I just see some darkening on seat. Has not yet even had a cantle plate on it, so yours would be the first! Try this stunning saddle for less than half retail. Comes with new Schleese cover. Made in 2014. We only have one in stock as of listing, so when it’s gone, it’s gone! Retail $5695 - $6190, ours just $2795