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Item #DV89C - Devoucoux Oldara 17", Grippy Soft Full Buffalo Leather, Integrated Panels (a feature that costs extra in Devoucoux), Flap for Taller Rider (4A), 2009, Regular Tree

$ 1,795.00


Devoucoux Oldara 17” Close Contact Jumping Saddle.  (Note from Cori: If you have not yet tried the Oldara, I highly recommend this model as it is one of my personal favorites. One of my past trainers, who qualified for the Beijing Olympics, had one and I loved it when he would let me hop on horses in his saddle because it was so comfortable! At his level he could have chosen any saddle, and this was his model of choice.)  This is the full buffalo option, the most expensive upgrade. It gets even better because I would  say this leather came from one of the most grippy batches we have seen to date, even from among other full buffalo saddles. If you love grippy leather, for a comfortable secure ride, this may be the saddle for you. But wait, there’s more! Features another premium upgrade option that costs extra on Devoucoux, which is integrated panels. Integrated panels reduce the bulk under the rider’s leg and allow for a closer contact with the horse. Cutaway sweat flaps offer optimal lower leg contact. Seat measures true to size by our tape. Flap is suited to a taller ride (4A), which has extra length and forward position (the forward position helps fit riders who are long from hip to knee). Flap measures approximately 14.25” from the top of the stirrup bar where the buckle sits to the bottom of the flap and approximately 13.5” in width at the widest point.  I see some things to point out that bring this saddle to you at a better price, a great choice for the “champagne taste on a beer budget” situation.  I see wear on billets, creasing on knee pads, and crazing on the panels on the sides adjacent to the seat (cannot be felt to the fingertip if I run my finger over it). I see some spots on underside of saddle. The right side of the seat has wear along seat seam (please see photo.)  Features front and back blocks. Has both billet guards, the full-length kind which are nice for covering the entire length of the billets. Regular tree, nice and roomy at approximately 4.5” between the dots under the pommel. Made in 2009. Retail in full buffalo with the integrated panel feature upgrade would be in the $6,500 range. Great opportunity to get the performance of a top-of-the-line saddle with all the bells and whistles at a minimal price point.