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Item #DV88C - Devoucoux Biarritz 17" Forward Flap, Regular Tree to Fit Many Horses, with Free Leathers and Irons

$ 795.00


Devoucoux Biarritz 17” Close Contact Jumping Saddle. This is Devoucoux’s flagship model, a popular choice for every ring. Seat measures true to size by our tape.  Forward flap allows more room from hip to knee (helpful for riders with a longer thigh and/or for the ability to shorten your stirrups for larger fences).  Flap is stamped 2A (regular length/forward position) and we note that it measures generously in length (flap length by the tape is more comparable to a 3A in our experience), with a measurement of approximately 14” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 14” in width at the widest point. Regular tree, suitable for fitting many horses. We envision this as a great saddle for, among others, working students who need to ride many horses, a lesson student who desires their own saddle and needs one that will fit many horses, a rider who is leasing a horse who wants the performance of a great saddle but at a price that isn’t a risk in case they later buy their own horse who needs a different fit, or anyone who wants great performance at an affordable price. Has rear blocks (front blocks have been removed). Padded flap, with more “puffiness” in the flap to give your knee something to sink into (which may work for riders who normally like front blocks. You can also have them added on). Comes with free Beval leathers and irons. No billet guards.  You will note from the serial number that the year is not marked, so we checked with Devoucoux and they said they believe it is a 2001 model. Great saddle for a rider who wants the performance of a Devoucoux at a more affordable price point. (Where was this saddle when I was shopping for my first French saddle many years ago on a starter budget!) I see creasing on the knee pads, some cracking on the panels, a divet in the piping trim on front edge of flap, some sweat marks on the underside, billets show wear, and the usual signs of the previous owner’s nameplate. These miles bring this saddle to you at an affordable price point for a saddle that retails new in the $5,000 and up neighborhood. We don't get French brands in at this price point too often, so when it's gone, it's gone! $795