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Item #CW93C - CWD SE02 16" 2011 Excellent Condition with Free CWD Calfskin Leathers, Irons w/Upgraded Cheesegrater Inserts for Grip, and Ogilvy Pad!

$ 2,495.00


CWD 16” Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Stunning saddle with all the right features to help a young rider maximize their potential! Seat measures true to size by our tape. This is the SE02 model (considered a semi-deep seat by the manufacturer’s website). Fantastic condition! Integrated panels for a closer feel of the horse. Cutaway sweat flap allows optimal lower leg contact. Front and back blocks for a secure ride. Padded flaps. Has both billet guards, the full-length kind which is nice for best protection of the flap. Flap is 1L (a typical length for seat size, standard position), and measures approximately 12.5” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 12.5” in width at the widest point.) Comes with amazing extras, including a free pair of CWD calfskin leathers, free irons with the upgraded cheesegrater inserts (this combination offers the best stirrup grip in the market in my experience), and a free Ogilvy pad! Regular tree (a pretty typical regular as opposed to one that runs narrow or wide in our opinion), suitable for horses of average build, measuring approximately 4 ¼” between the dots under the pommel. Made in 2011. Amazingly well-cared for, looks to have only a couple of seasons of use. I just see signs of previous nameplate on back of cantle and light use. Fantastic condition. New this saddle starts at $5,350 plus $200 for CWD calfskin leathers, plus $200 for Ogilvy pad, plus cost of the irons, plus costs of the cheesegrater upgrades for better grip in the irons. Fantastic package and opportunity to get a saddle in gorgeous condition for a fraction of the retail price.  $2495