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Item #CT33C - County Stabilizer XTR 17" with Integrated Panels 2009, Tree Fit Allows Wither Clearance and Room for Big Shoulder

$ 1,095.00


County Stabilizer XTR Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Have a horse with the tricky fit of a high wither combined with a big shoulder? This may be your saddle. Stamped 17. Features the XTR leather which is designed to provide more grip. County says of the Stabilizer: 'The Soundness Solution.' When you combine our patented tree, which eliminates twisting on the landing side of a jump; our specially designed wool flocked panels with unique features which can eliminate saddle shifting; your horse will tell you almost immediately: The Stabilizer™ is unquestionably 'The Best for Backs.'  Regular flap length and position, measuring approximately 13.5” from the top of the stirrup bar where the buckle sits to the bottom of the flap and approximately 13.5” in width at the widest point. Padded flap. Tree is stamped narrow, and as is often the case with County trees, has an actual fit that we would describe differently than stamped; in practice this saddle offers wither clearance as you might expect from the size stamp but then also has a very generous panel angle, ideal for the hard-to-fit combination of a high-wither and big shoulder. It features wither gussets to fit those little hollows on either side of the wither. The panels under the seat are built up both in thickness (for lift to allow the wither clearance while keeping the seat balanced from front to back for rider, preventing the slope downward effect from a high wither) and are broader to increase comfort for the horse with a broader distribution of weight. Integrated panels allow for a closer feel of the horse with less bulk between horse and rider. Wool-flocked, which means that a saddler can fine-tune the fit to a certain extent to fit your horse even better. Front and back blocks. Has both billet guards. Good condition, I just see some spots on seat and uneven color on the lighter leather. (Please note that the leather on panels under seat has a textured grain to it, so what you see in photos is the natural grain of leather, as opposed to a flaw.) Has never has a nameplate on it so yours would be the first just like on a new saddle! New in the neighborhood of $4,000+.  Made in 2009. Ours just $1295.