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Item #CS1C - Custom Saddlery 17.5 Revolution Dressage Saddle, Vienna Buffalo Leather, Super Grippy Leather and Secure Ride, Standard Flap, Adjustable Tree, Made in Dec 2006, Wool-Flocked, Retail $4,195 and up

$ 1,495.00


Custom Saddlery 17.5” Revolution Dressage Saddle. If you are looking for the softest, grippiest leather possible, for an especially secure ride, this may be the saddle for you! This leather feels incredible for softness and grip, as it came from an especially nice batch - must see and touch in person to appreciate the feel. The Revolution model features a deep seat and large knee roll for a secure ride. Nice squishy padded flap for additional support. Here are the manufacturer’s details on this model: 

  • Extended stirrup bars and a narrow twist give you that "ear to heel" alignment
  • Large knee rolls give you feel while softly guiding your leg
  • Offers tremendous feel of your horse
  • The deep supportive seat puts you in the correct position without restriction
  • Wide gullet provides proper clearance of your horse's spine
  • Open pommel head great for high withered horses and wide, large shouldered horses
  • 100% natural imported wool flocked panels

Vienna buffalo leather. Seat measures true to size by our tape. Standard 16” flap, measures true to size by our tape. Flap width measures approximately 13.5” in width. Adjustable tree, which is a great option because a saddler can adjust the tree for you as your horse’s build evolves, or as you change horses over the years. Wool-flocked, which allows another dimension of adjustability where a saddler can add or subtract flocking to best suit your horse. Tree is currently set to a setting suitable for warmbloods and other fuller-bodied horses (If I try to estimate where the dot-to-dot measurement would be, given that there are no dots under the pommel but just to give you an idea of the current size setting, I get about 4.5” - a saddler can adjust it to your desired tree size for your horse). Made in December 2006. Very good condition. I just see a slight wrinkle in seat and typical signs of wear on billets. Tremendous value on a top-of-the-line saddle. This saddle has never even had a nameplate on it, so let yours be the first.  New $4195 and up. Ours just $1795.