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Item #AR19C - Amerigo DJ 17.5 Long Flap, Very Good Condition, with Free Leathers and Royal Rider Irons

$ 1,095.00


Brand: Amerigo

Style: Close Contact Jumping

Model: DJ (which stands for Deep seat Jumping saddle)

Stamped seat size: 17.5

Approximate measurement of seat by our tape: True to size

Flap length: Long length

Flap position: Standard position

Flap approximate measurements: Length from top of stirrup bar to bottom of the flap 14” x width at widest point 14”

Leather option: Grain with calfskin knee/seat. We note that this leather is especially soft and supple

Blocks: Front and back blocks, slightly larger than average to provide a little extra security (helpful on days when your horse is fresh, when you are riding a greener horse, and/or when jumping larger fences).

Tree fit: I don’t see official size indicated in the serial number. In our opinion it will work best on a high-withered Thoroughbred-type build. Measurement between the dots is approximately 4”, which is generally what we recommend for high-withered horses such as the typical OTTB build. This might also work on horse with a high-wither and fuller shoulder.

Tree Adjustability: Amerigo tree can be adjusted (usually within a certain range) by authorized dealer

Panels: Wool-flocked, which means that a saddle fitter can fine tune the fit to some extent to customize it for your horse if desired

Year: 2002

Condition: Very good. You will see the natural striations in the calfskin grain on the seat and panels. Some uneven color on the seat, typical with use. Note that the billets are in especially nice condition


Those of you looking for that elsuive unicorn of a high-performance saddle, in nice condition, at a rock bottom price, this may be the saddle for you. Features especially nice soft supple leather (so soft you can roll the flaps). This saddle has never even had a nameplate on it, so let yours be the first. New around $4,350 plus comes with around $200 in free fittings, HDR calfskin nylon-lined leathers (which feature exterior softness to protect the life of your flaps and interior nylon lining to minimize stretching) and Royal Rider lightweight irons (which have the cheese grater style treads, which is my opinion is the best all-weather grip of any tread I’ve tried to date.) Total value new is over $4,500. Ours just $1095