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Item #AN110C - Antares Evolution 16.5/17, Super Grippy Upgraded Full Buffalo Leather Option, Fit for Wide Horse/Pony, DTA 50 Panels for Comfort, Excellent Condition, 2017, Retail in $6,000 range in this leather option

SALE $ 2,995.00 $ 3,595.00


Antares Close Contact Jumping Saddle. If you want the grippiest leather you can find, this may be the saddle for you. Not only is it upgraded full buffalo leather (the most expensive leather option) but it came from one of the most superior batches of buffalo leather we have ever seen, so soft supple and grippy. Be prepared to take your riding to the next level in this saddle.  This is the Evolution model, which has a deeper seat. Here is what the manufacturer has to say about this model:

The Evolution saddle is a jumping saddle with a deep seat. It provides great contact with horse. The Evolution is recommended for advanced rider with a light seat. The Evolution is designed with a cut-back tree which is predominately fits horses with big shoulders, but also large withers. Due to this design, the rider’s seat is slightly moved back promoting freedom of the shoulders.

Stamped 16.5 and by our tape measures a smidge generous (we get 17” but our tape so may work for a rider who takes a 16.5 or a 17). Flap is “1D” which in this brand denotes a standard flap length for the 16.5  seat size, and slightly straighter a.k.a. less forward in shape/cut (though in our opinion the actual cut looks more of a standard shape, especially given the cutback style of the Evolution model where the rider’s seat is slightly back to encourage freedom of the horse’s shoulder, which puts the flap a bit more forward naturally anyway - our opinion is that because of this design many riders and/or their rep may prefer this "D" flap position option on the Evolution model specifically so that the end result is moderate flap placement and not too far forward). Flap measures approximately 13” in length from the top of the stirrup bar (where the stirrup leather buckle sits) to the bottom of the flap and approximately 13” in width at the widest point. Padded flap. Front and back blocks for a secure ride. Billet guards are the attached kind, which is fantastic for keeping them secure over the years.  Tree is stamped “AO2” and designed to fit a wide horse/pony. Measures approximately 4.5” between the two dots under the pommel, and offers a very generous panel angle give it the room fit to accommodate a wider horse/pony with big shoulders (so in other words the tree fit is true to size in our opinion; it is not the same fit as a 4.5” with more of a typical regular fit panel if that makes sense. To further elaborate, the original owner of the saddle reports that when she ordered it new through Antares, the manufacturer said this saddle is intended to be as wide as they could make it without making it treeless).  Features the DTA 50 panel (slightly broader panel to distribute rider weight over a broader area for horse’s comfort) which according to the manufacturer is designed to ensure better pressure distribution over the horse’s back. Made in 2017 and has  been beautifully cared for with only light use.  A lovely bonus is that it comes with leather cantle cover stamped with Antares logo.  This Antares leather cantle cover provides an extra layer of protection under the normal saddle cover for the cantle en route to horse shows or around the barn. Comes with Antares fleecy-lined saddle cover as well to complete the package. Enjoy the stunning features of this saddle at a significant savings from the new price which starts in the mid-$6,000 range and up in the full buffalo option. $3595