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Item #CW96C - CWD Free Jump Collar, Training Aid to Assist Horse and Rider, Retail $360, Near New Condition, Ours just $220

$ 220.00


CWD Free Jump Collar, a training aid that is ideal for stabilizing the contact with the rider’s hand and horse’s mouth. Adjustable size. Stamped (3) size which is the full/standard size suitable for most horses (CWD typically offers this item in either pony or full size.)  (Note from Cori: I've personally used a CWD free jump collar in the past and found it helpful for when my horse and I went through a bumpy patch; for those who care to hear specifics, my horse had a major spooking issue, and I'd compensate by taking a feel everywhere I expected him to spook. Trainer wanted to practice having me switch my thinking from trying to prevent the spook to giving my horse a loose rein in the spooky areas, letting him spook, and then making a correction. Intellectually I understood the thinking, but my every cell in my body shouted "take a feel" for survival instinct when I would feel him tense up and think about spooking. Enter the Free Jump collar. This aid needed up being the solution for that period of time that worked for all of us, because it allowed me to trick my mind into thinking I still was "taking a feel" because I had contact via the collar, but I could actually give him the loopy rein before and during the spook that my trainer was asking me to give him.) Brown in color. Excellent condition.  From the manufacturer: The free jump collar is a good teaching aid for horses that have problems with instability and/or delicate mouths. This freejump collar also helps the rider to maintain a good, correctly-positioned hand. It allows the rider to have a soft and regular contact with the horse's mouth as the hand action is partly absorbed in the elastic. This collar is very comfortable for the horse as it is lined with soft calfskin. It is highly adjustable to all types of riders thanks to the many adjustment points. The Freejump collar has white stitching. This high quality product is made of vegetable-dyed leather and soft calfskin. (For link to manufacturer info visit https://north-america.cwdsellier.com/en/equipment/1054-fr01h.html). Embossed with CWD logo on front. CWD accessories rarely come up for sale on the pre-owned market, so this is a rare chance to get one in excellent condition and save money versus buying it new. (If you are wondering how this item works, the large loop goes around the horse's neck, the snaps attach to the D-rings on your saddle, and the rubber "T" shaped pieces at the end of each elastic cord go in between the rider's fingers.) Note the buckle holes and how new and free of wear they are... consignor only had a chance to ride in it 6 times. Test ride it and see what it can do for the communication between you and your horse. Unlike buying new, we offer a trial policy so can try it risk-free and return it per our trial policy if you don’t love it. Rare opportunity to find this item at a big savings and still feel like you bought it new. Retail $360.  Ours just $220.