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Item #CW79C - CWD 17.5 Long/Forward (3C) Flap, Offers Great Wither Clearance for a Higher-Withered Horse, 2016

$ 2,395.00


CWD 17.5 SE02 Close Contact Jumping Saddle.  The SE02 is the deep seat model in the CWD line, offering a secure ride for larger fences and when riding greener horses. Seat measures true to size by our tape. Flap is long and forward (3C) measuring approximately 14.5” from the top of the stirrup bar where the buckle sits to the bottom and approximately 15” in width at the widest point. Tree offers a lot of wither clearance (typically hard to find in this and some other French brands so if you love the feel of a CWD but have not found one that gives your horse enough wither clearance in the past, this could be your chance to find the exception!) and is best suited to a high-withered TB type of build, measuring approximately 4” between the dots under the pommel. Features gorgeous rich French grain/calf leather. Front and back blocks. Integrated panels for a closer feel of the horse. Cutaway sweat flaps for optimal contact through the lower leg.  Excellent condition but for a hard-to-see cosmetic flaw that saves you big $$ on the price of this saddle: I just see that there is some faint writing on the underside of the saddle (nearly impossible to see in photos; we’ve taken a picture pointing to the area to show you where to look for it, click twice on that photo to enlarge it to the max and look for the faint half-circles in marker with writing inside. It's not easily visible and has already started to decrease in visibility just from applications of conditioner in our shop. No one but you will know it's there). Great if you don’t mind saving money because that keeps the price about $800 lower than it would otherwise be without that cosmetic flaw ($3k range). If you want a top quality, recent model in top condition, and appreciate a deep discount, this may be your saddle. Made in 2016. Retail $5,100. Comes with CWD cover. Ours just $2395