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Item #VO12C - Voltaire Palm Beach 17.5/18, Full Buffalo, 2013, 4.5", Flap for a Taller Rider, Retail $6,200

$ 2,695.00


Voltaire Palm Beach Close Contact Jumping Saddle. This is Voltaire's flagship and most popular model, the Palm Beach, which is a half-deep seat that is in the middle of their range in between their flat and deep seat models. Stamped 17.5, and measures approximately 17 ¾” by our tape, so may work for a rider who takes a 17.5 or an 18. Features beautiful dark brown leather, a color that resists wear especially well in our experience. This is the full buffalo leather option, Voltaire's most expensive option. Regular tree, measuring approximately 4.5” between the two dots under the pommel, a measurement that works well on many horses, and with the pro panel option to allow the saddle to fit many horses well. Features a flap suitable for a taller rider, long flap extra forward to allow more room from hip to knee (we note that in our opinion the forwardness increments in Voltaire are a little more subtle, so this extra-forward flap is perhaps comparable to a forward in other brands), measuring approximately 14” length from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 14” in width. Features “Second Skin” option for a thin, soft sweat flap for less bulk under the rider’s leg with a better contact through the leg. Front and back blocks. I see creasing on the knee pads and wrinkled texture on the flaps, as well as a couple of very faint rain spots on seat if I look very closely (which may go away as we continue to apply conditioner). One unique feature I love about Voltaires is that they have two billets on each side, which are interchangeable between three D-rings. This means no more having the third billet end up a length that doesn’t match the two you use most. It also means that when it’s time for new billets, you can just order them and loop them right on to the D-ring anchors yourself without having to have your saddle in time-out at the saddler. Comes with Voltaire cover. Made in 2013. Get one of the most popular saddles on the market at a fraction of the price! Retail $6200 new in this leather option, so get this one for less and be riding in it by the weekend. $2695