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Item #B76C - Baby Butet (Butet in Children's Size), Measures 15.5", 2006

$ 2,195.00


The Baby Butet is the cutest thing you will ever see! The Baby Butet is fully detailed just like the regular Butet but in a size for children (unlike companies that limit detailing on their children's models) . This is the BB2, measuring approximately 15.5" by our tape (the Baby Butet is available in two seat sizes, BB1 and BB2, so this is the larger of the two seat sizes they offer in the Baby Butet). Features padded knees. Has both original billet guards. No blocks, which many trainers prefer for teaching a correct foundational leg position with young riders for developing equitation. (If you decide you want blocks now or in the future, they can be added by Butet, Beval, or your favorite saddler.) Regular tree size, measuring approximately 4 1/8" between the dots, suitable for horses/ponies of average build. Made in 2006. Flap is 0, and measures standard for the seat size at approximately 11.5" from the top of the stirrup bar where the buckle sits to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 11 1/4" in width at the widest point. Flap position is standard. The Baby Butets are hard to get a hold of because they are often passed down within barns from family to family with young children and so it's rare for one to actually "surface" on the market without having to pay the price tag new. Features soft, supple leather. Good condition. You will expect to see some wear from use on the seat, some scratches on the underside of panels, and marks from previous owners' nameplates on back of cantle. Fantastic quality saddle to develop your young rider's position correctly, at a price you can afford. Comes with a fleecy type cover (not original) that is perfectly sized for this saddle. Retail $5,770. Ours just $2195.