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Item #TS40E – Tailored Sportsman TS, Cypress, 28 Long, Side-Zip, Low-Rise, Style 1965, Newer Fabric Blend, Retail Up to $179.95

$ 70.00


Tailored Sportsman Breeches. Side-zip. Low-rise. Style #1965 (which features the 1” wide belt loops). Color is cypress, which is in my opinion one of the most beautiful colors Tailored Sportsman has made, a conservative muted green that is almost grey. This pair is in the newer 73% cotton blend, which is designed to better resist wear and fading compared to higher percentage cotton blends. Please note that style 1965 sizes differently from Trophy Hunter models (namely in that a 28L in this style will feel snugger and not as long as a 28L in a Trophy Hunter model). Excellent condition. Retail up to $179.95. We love bringing you one of the most popular brands of breeches on the market at over $100 off the new price, in beautiful condition. $70  

(Side Note: Pairs beautifully with Item #M145 Bridle Leather Belt in terms of both color and sizing https://www.highendusedsaddles.com/collections/pre-owned-accessories/products/item-m145c-tory-raised-bridle-leather-belt-19)