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Item #TO3C - Tolga 17.5 Long/Forward Flap, (Made in Brussels, Compares to French Brands), Great Saddle for Taller Rider, New and Unused, 2018, Tree for TB Type, Retail up to $3,000 range, Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Unicorn

$ 1,095.00


Do you want a high-performance brand at the lowest possible price? Best condition possible as well? If you are willing to think a little outside the box, this saddle may be a unique opportunity to have the best of all possible worlds. Not yet familiar with Tolga? This brand hails from Brussels, Belgium (recently discontinued is our understanding) and compares to many French brands. Because Tolgas were not marketed much in the US, not as many riders here know of the brand and therefore we price them at a bargain relative to comparable quality French brands you already know and love. Purchased new October 2018 in $3,000 range and has still not yet been used (consignor bought it for a lease horse, then ended up moving and didn’t have a used for it). 

Don’t just take our word for why you should consider Tolga. Here are two other sources of objective feedback on the quality of Tolgas:

1) Chronicle of the Horse discussion forum re Tolgas: https://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/forum/discussion-forums/hunter-jumper/266297-does-anyone-know-anything-about-tolga-saddles-for-the-hunter-ring

2) The Saddle Geek article (We love the title: "The Broke Girl's Guide to French and Italian Saddles") mentioning Tolga as a great brand for people seeking a high-end saddle that might be found at a lower price simply due to lack of brand name recognition in the US (also recommending discontinued brands generally as a great option for the champagne taste on a beer budget conundrum):  https://www.thesaddlegeek.com/broke-girls-guide-to-french-and-italian-saddles-post1/

Like a CWD, it features integrated panels (which as a side note are an upgraded feature that costs extra on brands like Devoucoux and Butet), which reduce the bulk between horse and rider for a closer feel of the horse.

Seat measures true to size by our tape. Great saddle for a taller rider and/or rider who is long from hip to knee because of the flap length/position. Flap is comparable to a long/forward in many brands, measuring approximately 14” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap in length and approximately 15” in width at the widest point (this measurement is typical of a long/forward flap, such as a 3A or 3AAin many other brands). Features soft grippy leather on knee pads and rear panel of the flap.

Tree and panels are best suited to a high-withered, Thoroughbred-type build (no dots under the pommel so we cannot take a dot to dot measurement). Tree is stamped medium but in our opinion it runs narrow, similar to many Butet and Hermes medium trees we have see over the years. This may be a great saddle for the rider who loves the comfort for rider of brands like Antares, CWD, Devoucoux, or Voltaire, and needs the wither clearance for horse more commonly found on brands like Butet or Hermes. 

This saddle arrived to us brand new and unused, not even oiled yet. (See pre-oiling photos for reference that the saddle had not even been oiled yet on arrival.) We have saved you a step by oiling it in preparation for your test ride. Integrated panels for less bulk between horse and rider.

Front and back blocks. Has both billet guards. Cantle has carbon fiber type inlay (similar to some CWD models), with a blank nameplate ready to be engraved with your name (we wish CWD would have thought of that, as it prevents the issue of "How do I attach a nameplate to carbon fiber type material" and unlike your friends with some CWD models you won't be forced to look for a strange place to put your nameplate like under the flap). 

Comes with its original fleecy-lined Tolga cover. Tolga saddles retail up into the $3,000 neighborhood new. Enjoy the performance of top brands, the joy of a new saddle, and the savings that will allow you to spend more on something else for your horse. We don't expect to see another saddle with these features, quality, and condition at this price point any time soon. We're pretty sure this is a miracle of a find for a rider out there who needs these features without the usual price tag. Ours just $1095.