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Item #TC51C - Tad Coffin 17/17.5 with SmartRide Tree, with TC Pad and Upgrades

$ 2,995.00


Tad Coffin Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Stamped 17.5 and as is common for the brand, runs a little small, measuring approximately 17 ¼” by our tape, so may work for a rider who takes either a 17 or 17.5. Upgraded to feature the new SmartRide Tree, for a tree that moves and flexes with the horse. Flap is considered standard for the seat size by the manufacturer (in comparison to other brands would be on the border between regular and long based on measurement in inches in our opinion) measures approximately 13 ¾” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 13.5” in width at the widest point. Comes with a blue fleecy cover. Comes with a $300 Tad Coffin medium non-slip wither-relief pad (pad does have small initials on it). Very good condition. I see signs of a nameplate on back of cantle and creasing on knee pads and hint of a crease in the panel. Made in 2004 originally and since then had over $2600 in upgrades from Tad Coffin (Tad Coffin receipts included to document the work 2012-2013) including the new SmartRide tree, new panels, new billets, new front blocks, and new TC leather nonslip pad that is included. Tree is the traditional one made by Tad Coffin, which would be a wide if used without a pad, and then is intended to be used with TC (or comparable) pads to narrow the fit as needed. (The Tad Coffin design is intended to provide a solution for having one saddle that can comfortably fit a variety of horses.) Comes with original brochures from Tad Coffin including a guide to padding, information on the SmartRide tree, and more. New $6,295. Get ours for not much more than the price of the upgrades alone, just $2995 including TC leather pad to give you fitting options and the padding guide for achieving the right fit for various types of horses.