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Item #TC50C - Tad Coffin TC2 Model 18/18.5" with SmartRide Technology, with Free Non-Slip Tad Coffin Leather Pad and Free Tad Coffin Wither Relief Pad

$ 3,295.00


Tad Coffin TC2 Close Contact Jumping Saddle. This is the TC2 model, which is the deeper seat model (also designed to require less padding when used on higher wither horses). Features SmartRide Technology, a tree designed to move and flex with your horse’s motion along 18 axes. Check out more about the advances of SmartRide Technology at this link: http://www.tadcoffinsaddles.com/smart-ride/ Measures 18 to 18 ¼” by our tape, stamped 18.5 as this is a brand that often can run small in the seat. Tad Coffin saddles are generally favored by riders who prefer a very close feel of the horse with less “stuff” between horse and rider. Features soft, supple leather. Padded flap features nice thick knee pads that you can really press into for extra security as needed. Front and back blocks. Has both billet guards. Comes with a solid black saddle cover. Very good condition, well-taken care of and has only had one owner. I just see signs of previous nameplate. Flap is generous enough even for a longer-limbed rider, measuring approximately 14” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and forward in position measuring approximately 14” in width at the widest part of the flap.

Comes with two free Tad Coffin pads to help adjust the saddle as needed to suit various horses. The first pad is a Tad Coffin non-slip leather/neoprene pad (in medium thickness). The second is a Tad-Coffin wither relief leather/neoprene pad (slightly thicker than the other pad, designed for when you want to use this saddle on higher withered horses). Both pads are sizes to match the saddle and embroidered with the TC logo and the sizing which is very helpful for knowing which one to choose on various horses. In essence, you get three fitting options in one with this saddle, as you can use the saddle alone, with the medium pad, or with the wither relief pad depending on which build of horse you are riding at a particular time. Here is a link for info on using the TC pads to adjust the fit of your Tad Coffin saddle to various type of horses: http://www.tadcoffinsaddles.com/saddle-fit/proper-padding/

Retail is approximately $6,000 on the TC2, and up to $425 per Tad Coffin Leather pad. Get this beautiful package for far less and no wait time. Comes with all original documentation, including original invoice, personally signed letter from Tad Coffin, and brochures on both the TC2 model and SmartRide Technology to further your knowledge of all of its features. Ships in its original Tad Coffin padded shipping box. $3295 SOLD