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Item #SH1C – Stackhouse 18.5/19, Soft Supple Dark Brown Leather, Long Flap, 2008

SALE $ 1,895.00 $ 2,295.00

Stackhouse 18.5/19 Close Contact Jumping Saddle. If you have been searching for a saddle for a taller rider, this may be the saddle for you as it allows you to get a saddle custom made for a taller rider without the price tag of ordering a new custom saddle. If you are not yet familiar with the Stackhouse brand, it is a custom brand that is highly regarded (often mentioned in the same realm as the custom French brands that you already know) and retails for up to $7.5k. (You may find the discussion thread “Let Me Hear Your Thoughts on Stackhouse Saddles” on Chronicle of the Horse forums useful to hear why riders love this brand so much: https://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/forum/discussion-forums/eventing/298171-let-me-hear-your-thoughts-on-stackhouse-saddles)

This saddle features soft, supple dark brown leather, a color that resists fading and marking especially well in our experience. (The flaps are so supple that you can roll them.) Features front blocks integrated into the knee pads, offering a lot of security, which will be appreciated by H/J riders on days when riding a horse that is a little fresh, adult amateur riders who appreciate some extra security, eventers, trail riders, foxhunters, or any other rider who appreciates a little extra security. Knee pads have a nice amount of padding, which is nice to be able to give your knee something to press into for an extra tight leg. Long flap length is appropriate for a taller rider, measuring 15 ¾” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 14” in width at the widest part of the flap (I note that tall riders usually have to order custom to find this length, unless you are lucky enough to find a gently used one like this). I just see a scrape on cantle and another tiny cantle ding, some sweat marks from use on underside of panels, beautiful condition overall. Has both billet guards, the full-length kind which are nice as they gives you full coverage protection. Tree is suitable for a TB type or other high-withered more refined build (I don’t see the dots under the pommel to offer you a dot-to-dot measurement, but viewing the front view photo will give you an idea of the panel angle and tree configuration). The information from the consignor is that the serial number is 42/08, which the manufacturer confirmed as a 2008 model. New this brand retails up to $7,500, try ours for less and have the opportunity to test ride the finished product before you make a final decision, unlike a new custom saddle where you commit before the finished product is presented to you.) Try this brand and see what people are talking about re the love of the Stackhouse brand. If you're used to French high-end brands like CWD, Devoucoux, and Voltaire, you will be very much at home in this Stackhouse in our opinion. $2295