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Item #PS21C – Prestige Leathers (Brown) with Flat Buckle to Reduce Bulk Under Rider Leg, Very Good Condition, Retail $145 Ours Half the Price

$ 75.00


Prestige Leathers. Stamped size 135 cm (standard size, also known as 54”, will work for most riders of average height). Beautiful rich medium brown color (manufacturer calls it "Tobacco") that will match many saddles nicely.  Very good condition.  Here is what the manufacturer has to say: “Prestige Stirrup Leathers are made of rich Italian leather with nylon cores to prevent stretching. Special flat buckles reduce bulk under the leg for a more comfortable ride. 1" in width . Made in Italy.”  I see only light use, with a half-hole added. New $145, try ours for half the price. You’ll love the comfort of the flat buckle (image tackling no-stirrup lesson days with ease and comfort because you don’t have that uncomfortable lump under the small skirt from other brands of buckles digging into your tender inner thigh!).  We have a high demand for gently pre-owned leathers, and at the moment have just the one pair in stock, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.  (As with all of our pre-owned accessories, comes with a 7-day trial to ensure that you love them before you make a final decision.) $75