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Item #PS19C - Prestige X-Paris 17" with X-Technology, Supper Grippy Leather, Full Calfskin, 2014 Model, Regular Tree That Offers Some Adjustability

$ 1,995.00


Prestige X-Paris 17" Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Seat measures true to size. For those who appreciate a high-performance saddle with the grippiest leather available, this may be an excellent choice. The full calfskin leather comes from an especially good batch on this saddle, soft, supple, and grippy. Beautiful rich chocoloate shade of leather. Features the Prestige X-Technology, a unique seat design that employs elastic membranes filled with a special shock-absorbing material into the areas of the seat that correspond to the rider's seat bones. X-Technology means the rider can have a deep comfortable seat without additional padding, increasing the close contact feel of the saddle. Padded flap. Front and back blocks. Has both billet guards. Flap is standard, measuring approximately 13.5" in length from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 13.5" in width at the widest point. This is the 32cm standard Prestige tree size (measuring approximately 4" dot to dot under the pommel), suitable for higher-withered lighter horses at current size, or can be adjusted by Prestige to make it wider or more narrow which is a nice option if your horse changes size or you get a different horse, which could be an advantage over the French brands that are not adjustable. (For more information visit: http://www.prestigeitaly.com/page.asp?menu=custom&LAN=ENG).   Here is the link to manufacturer information on the Prestige X-Paris: http://www.prestigeitaly.com/scheda.asp?menu=jump&IDproduct=165&LAN=ENG  Here is the link to the pdf of the brochure of the X-Technology utilized in this saddle. http://www.prestigeitaly.com/public/xparis_ENG.pdf  Excellent condition. Made in 2014, with only light use. Comes with Prestige cover. New around $3,500.  Great saddle for a rider who needs a top performance saddle, in top condition, at a reasonable price point, that offers some versatility for their future tree sizing needs for their horse(s).