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Item # M146C – Ladies Price of Wales Spurs with Black Leather Spur Straps (Compare at $50 and up)

$ 15.00


Ladies Prince of Wales Spurs. A popular spur, featured on black leather spur straps. Good used condition. Compare at $50 for the package (leather spur straps start at $15 and up, and Prince of Wales Spurs generally start at $25 and up). Neck measures ¾” on the underside or 1” on the topside, depending on where you take the measurement could be either one. Perhaps the greatest benefit from ordering these spurs through us compared to a new tack retailer, is that in addition to the cost savings, you can test ride ours, check whether they give you the right level of communication for you and your horse, and return them if you feel you need more or less spur. (Note: I’m not 100% sure the straps were from the same batch. The hole spacing matches up, and the rivet placement and stitching design match to suggest they are the same brand, but to my eye one seems just a hair broader in width than the other. I just wanted to point that out in case that is important to you. See close up photo. I didn't notice it until I was studying them up close to photograph just the straps.) Ours just $15 for spurs and straps