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Item #M145C – Tory Raised Bridle Leather Belt, Havana, Great Condition, Ideal for Showing, Clinics, or Lessons

$ 19.00

This is a Tory brand English bridle leather round raised 3/4" belt with stitched edges and a sewn solid brass buckle. (Very pretty look, like the browband on a bridle.) Classic, conservative design of the sort that would garner George Morris’s approval. Very well maintained, in soft well-conditioned leather. Nice condition, suitable for showing, clinics, or looking sharp in schooling (if your trainer hasn’t already told you she prefers students to wear a belt with breeches for schooling, well, she does! Most trainers insist on them for proper lesson attire turn out.) Havana brown, the best color for a belt in my opinion as it is a nice color that goes well with everything. I have worn this primarily with breeches size 26, 28, and 30. It even worked with my size 24 breeches before I, um, outgrew them. (Size stamped is 30, and just bear in mind it will depend on wear you wear your breeches, waist versus lower on the hip. If you wear your breeches lower on your hip, you should measure yourself at that area around your hips for sizing.) Beautiful classic belt. (Fun fact: This belt has been to Olympic medalist Greg Best’s farm in New Zealand! I used it when I travelled there to train with him for a couple of weeks.) $19  

(Side note: Pairs beautifully with Item #TS49E Tailored Sportsman 28L Breeches in Cypress in terms of both color and sizing https://www.highendusedsaddles.com/collections/pre-owned-accessories/products/item-ts40e-tailored-sportsman-ts-cypress-28-long-side-zip-low-rise-style-1965)