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Item #M143C – Beval Natural 16”, Front Blocks, Flap Suited to Longer-Legged Rider, Twist Similar to Butets, Regular Tree Suited for Many Horses

$ 795.00


Beval Natural Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Seat measured approximately 16”. This saddle is ideal for that slim, long-legged junior rider, as it offers extra leg room that is hard to find without going custom. Features a narrow twist like on a Butet, which is a feature prized by many riders for allowing the rider’s leg to wrap down and around the horse. (This would be a good alternative for the rider who isn’t ready to make the financial commitment of $2k-$3k for a used Butet but wants that similar design). Padded flap. Front blocks. Has both billet guards. I see some lines in the seat (like spidering but running more in a straight line). Missing Beval decoration on one side of pommel (nailhead is there, but without the Beval decoration). I also see some cosmetic creasing in knee pads and front of panels. Leather is supple, very nice quality for this price point. Flap is suited to a longer legged rider, measuring approximately 14” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 13” in width at the widest point (comparable in measurement to a “3” flap in CWD, Antares, Devoucoux for comparison). Tree is medium, measuring approximately 4.5” between the two dots under the pommel, offering a fit that works for many horses. New retails up to $2,600. Serial number (a bit hard to read in some places) as best we can tell appears to be 16M 15, D17 4700. This is a very hard-to-find opportunity to get a saddle at this price point that has all the extra leg room for a long-legged slim junior rider that normally would require going to a new or used custom French brand. $795