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Item #M140C - Stubben Portos Deluxe 17.5 with Matching Stubben Leathers

$ 1,695.00


Stubben Portos Deluxe Close Contact Saddle. This is a top-of-the-line Stubben with modern features for the choosy rider, the model in the Stubben line that is closest to the French brands in terms of feel and leather quality. Seat measures approximately 17.5". Deluxe model features softer, grippier leather.  My favorite feature is the gradation on the padded flap, where it offers more padding where you need something to sink your knee into over larger jumps or when your horse spooks, and less padding where you don't need much so that your close contact is preserved. Here is what the manufacturer has to say about this model: Stübben Portos Deluxe is designed specifically for today's hunter/jumper riders. The Portos has a special tree developed for a close contact feel. A wide channel gives plenty of wither clearance and allows the horse to perform at his best. Newly designed memory foam panels allow the close contact feel many riders prefer. Its medium seat gives security over fences but still allows free movement. Variegated padded flaps provide extra grip and are further supported by triangle knee rolls beneath. Small rear thigh blocks. Fully covered in soft leather for an instantly broken-in feel and extra grip. Tree is stamped 31 and is suitable for a medium-wide type of horse. Flap is generous enough even for a taller rider, measuring approximately 14" from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 14" in width at the widest part of the flap. Excellent condition, has never even had a nameplate on it. Has both billet guards. Comes with free matching Stubben leathers, the more costly type that are designed to minimize stretching. New retails for $3395 for saddle and up to $158 for the Stubben leathers, bringing the total package value to over $3,500. Has only one season of use. Get this saddle in close to new condition for a fraction of the price.