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Item #M136C - Barnsby Whitaker 17.5/18, Medium/Wide to Wide Tree

$ 495.00


Barnsby Whitaker Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Measures approximately 17 ¾” by our tape, so may work for a rider who takes a 17.5 or 18 in most brands. Features a grippy calfskin type seat typically seen only on costly French saddles. Padded flap. Front blocks. Flap is a standard length, measuring approximately 13” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 14” in width at the widest point. Generous tree suitable for fitting many horses, a great choice if you need a saddle to fit a variety of horses. Tree is stamped medium-wide on the flap (4), and wide (W) on the stirrup bar, so our interpretation is that the saddle may be built on a wide tree with panels slightly built up to give a more medium/wide type of fit, (which is a common way that manufacturers achieve a MW fit), with an actual fit that may range from medium/wide to wide. Measures approximately 5” between the two dots under the pommel, suitable for fitting a variety of horses (you can add a pad to suit the lighter builds), making this saddle a great choice for a lesson student, working student, a trainer updating saddles in their lesson program etc who needs to be able to have a saddle that will fit a variety of horses. Has both billet guards. I see heavy cosmetic wear (reflected in price) including darkening at contact points, dark spot on seat, and spider cracking on seat. In spite of the cosmetic challenges, this saddle is functionally very sound and ideal for the rider seeking an entry-level price point saddle that is comfortable, very well-made, and has all the currently popular features. British saddles are known to be especially long-lasting. Great way to upgrade from a plain flap saddle at a similar price point. Well-balanced and well-made saddle. Barnsby saddles retail up to the $2700 range. Great value! $495 SOLD