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Item #M132C - Fairfax 17/17.5, Full Calfskin, Patent Pending Panel Design for Maximizing Freedom of Movement for the Horse, with Three Sets of Front/Back Blocks on Velcro for Interchanging, plus Bonus Free Calfskin Leathers and Free Jointed Irons

$ 2,295.00


Fairfax 17/17.5 Jumping Saddle. If you are not yet familiar with the Fairfax brand made in England here is some information: Fairfax Saddles use simultaneous pressure mapping and gait analysis to develop products that prevent muscular restriction and so improve freedom of movement. Working with impartial experts in their field ensures their scientific testing is unbiased and accurate. I strongly encourage you visit their website and in particular the data on the performance testing of their jump saddles at 1.40m jumping height: http://www.fairfaxsaddles.com/testing/jump-testing. You will notice some differences in the patent-pending panel construction that are designed for improved freedom of movement for the horse. For jump saddle description, visit: http://www.fairfaxsaddles.com/products/jump-saddle Another interesting article in Horse and Hound magazine on the Fairfax company and their design innovations for some of their products as the British Olympic team’s “secret weapon” is at this link, which I strongly recommend to give you a better sense of the manufacturer (The British team asked Fairfax to keep the design of one of their products a secret until after the Olympic games!): http://www.fairfaxsaddles.com/images/fairfax/pdfs/P058-060_HAH_AUG30.pdf. If you are interested in innovation, and whether a new scientifically tested design could offer improved performance for your horse, this might be a saddle for you to order for trial.

The measurement on this seat is approximately 17 1/4” by our tape (though since the nailhead on the pommel is oval shape, depending on where you place the tape, your measurement could vary; ours is taken from the center of the nailhead). Features calfskin leather, for softness and grip, with reinforcement at the bottom of the flap for durability like many of the French manufacturer are doing these days. Unique tiered design on padded flap. One of my favorite features about this saddle is that it has front and back blocks, all on Velcro, so that they can be added/removed according to your preference depending on your riding plans for the day. Flatwork day? Maybe you prefer to remove all blocks. Jumping lesson day? Maybe you swap to the medium blocks. Trail ride, foxhunt, or cross-country day? Maybe you prefer to switch to the largest set of blocks for maximum leg security. Includes a total of three sets of front and back blocks; one pair is one the saddle now and the other two sets of four blocks come in beautiful Fairfax logo drawstring bags for keeping them organized nicely. Comes with a nice bonus of free calfskin leathers and free jointed irons. Another bonus is that the current tree size (which I would describe as suitable for many Thoroughbreds and other high-withered refined breeds), is on an intertchangeable gullet system so you can always change the gullet plate if you desire a different tree fit. (There is a Velcro flap in the channel to do this, with hexagonal key tool and spare tool included with saddle; all you need to do is order the gullet plates you want from the manufacturer from the range of 7 sizes they offer; this greatly increases your odds of this saddle fitting your future horses without you having to change saddles). Flap measures approximately 14" from the top of the stirrup bar where the leather sits to the bottom of the flap and approximately 14" in width at the widest point. Wool-flocked, which is a nice feature in that a saddle can add or subtract flocking to further fine-tune the fit for your horse, thus even further increasing your odds of this saddle fitting current and future horses in conjunction with the interchangeable gullet system. Very good condition, I just see darkening at contact points (including a darker spot on seat) and the natural texture of the calfskin on the flaps. Consignor’s information is that she purchased this saddle new in 2015. This package of saddle, calfskin leathers, and jointed irons retails for over $3,000. Includes a fleecy cover with the beautiful and regal Fairfax logo. $2295 SOLD