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Item #HE2 - High-End Used Saddles Logo Water Bottle

$ 8.00

High-End Used Saddles logo water bottle. Trainers, are you tired of your students littering the barn common areas with half-used plastic water bottles that no one can identify? Have students bring a reusable bottle like this one instead so there is no mistaking whose is whose. Whether you are going to the barn or to yoga class, a reusable water bottle is what you want.  It’s easier to identify as your own, and lets everyone know that you care about the environment.  I use mine to bring chilled water to the barn with me in the summer, and to bring hot tea to the barn with me in the winter.  Our iconic jumping horse logo is also a great conversation starter at the gym, I have found… once people realize you ride when they see you drinking from this bottle, it’s an easy conversation starter. You never know, you might end up with new friends as a result of carrying this water bottle on your next hike or on your way to Zumba class. Screw top with ridges for extra grip. White with navy logo. $8