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Item #H12C Hermes Essentielle 16", Beautiful Condition, Wide Tree (May Fit Like a Generous Medium), Integrated Panels

$ 2,195.00


Hermes Essentielle 16" Close Contact Saddle. Seat measures true to size. The Hermes is one of the most expensive saddles you can buy, retailing at $6,350 and up.  Stunning saddle for a lucky junior or petite adult rider. Must see photos to appreciate condition! Padded flap, featuring nice grippy pads for sinking your knee into over larger fences.  Features soft, supple buffalo seat which offers performance and long-lasting durability. (Must feel leather to appreciate why these saddles cost over $6,000 new!) Leather has a superb feel to the touch.  Integrated panels offer a closer feel of the horse. This saddle is ideal for the rider who prefers less bulk and less “stuff” between horse and rider. Narrow twist, a prized featured by many riders who feel that a narrow twist allows their leg to better wrap down and around the horse. No blocks, ideal for the rider who prefers to place their leg as opposed to having the saddle force a certain leg placement. Flap measures generous enough to work even for a longer-limbed rider relative to the seat size, at approximately 12 ¾” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 12 ¾” in width at the widest point. Has both billet guards, each stamped Hermes. Tree is wide per Hermes; we note that sometimes the Hermes wide is not as wide as some other brands, so may have more of a medium/wide fit (or could potentially also work for a horse with the high-wither/big shoulder combination). Hermes saddles feature natural latex panels, which are known to be longer lasting than foam and to allow a closer feel of the horse because less bulk is necessary. Comes with Hermes cover, which is a nice bonus as it’s very rare for second-hand Hermes saddles to still have their covers. Serial number 41673L. Very good condition, must see photos to appreciate how meticulously well-cared for this saddle is, as it has not even had a nameplate on it yet. I just see slight darkening as signs of use. $2195 SOLD