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Item #DV92C – Devoucoux Oldara 18” Long Flap, Full Buffalo, Soft and Grippy, 2006, with MDC “S” Irons

$ 1,695.00


Devoucoux Oldara 18” Close Contact Jumping Saddle. If you have not yet tried the Oldara, I highly recommend this model as it is one of my personal favorites (Note from Cori: One of my past trainers, who qualified for the Beijing Olympics, had one and I loved it when he would let me hop on horses in his saddle because it was so comfortable! At his level he could have chosen any saddle, and this was his model of choice.)  Features full buffalo leather, the most expensive leather upgrade option. Soft, grippy, supple leather.  Seat measures true to size by our tape. Flap is long (“3”) and standard in position, though we note it looks slightly forward to our eyes.  Flap measures approximately 13.75” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 13.5” at the widest part. Features front and back blocks. Padded flap. Regular tree, a generous 4.5” approximate measurement between the dots that will work well on a lot of horses. I see a few things to point out: rubbing on the bottom of the flap where the lower leg sits, sweat stains on the underside of the panels, and some light wear on seat. Has never had a nameplate on it so let yours be the first. Lovely rich chocolate brown leather, a shade that we find resists marking especially well.  Made in 2006. If you have been searching for the unicorn of a top brand French saddle in upgraded leather in good condition at a budget price point, this is your chance. Retail new in the high $5k to low $6 range in the upgraded leather options. Ours just $1695. 

Comes with free MDC “S” model 4.5” irons, retail $161.95. Here is what the manufacturer has to say about the irons:

A game changer for traditional riders, the MDC 'S' Classic™ Aluminum Tread Stirrup Irons deliver a classic look with all the benefits of the revolutionary MDC functional design. The patented 45° "S" positioned top offers improved stirrup and leg position which relieves pressure on the rider's ankles, knees, hips and back, yet is impossible to see in the show ring, as the stirrup leather completely covers the curvature of the angled top.

The ultra-low profile, high-traction aluminum tread offers a greater base of support while reducing slippage and improving safety in the saddle. The wide foot pad can be removed and replaced with a more narrow, traditionally sized MDC stirrup pad for rider preference. The 45° "easy retrieval" trailing edge of the stirrup makes picking up a dropped stirrup quicker and easier, and improves the overall safety of the stirrup in the event of a fall. 

Also included are a freebie pair of Beval calfskin leathers with the flat buckle design (which are designed for greater rider comfort to make less of a lump under your leg under the small skirt), which are in heavily used condition (these stirrup leathers are suitable only for schooling as the nylon shows through on one side).  These retail for $99, and are included as a freebie. Here is what the manufacturer has to say about these leathers:

Top quality calfskin leather are nylon lined to improve strength and durability while the innovative flat buckle design reduces bulk under the saddle skirt. 

 Enjoy these free extras to complete this package!