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Item #DK1C - DK Liberty Monoflap 17" with Very Grippy French/Italian Leather, Flair Air Panel System, and free Matching DK Girth

$ 1,995.00


DK Liberty Monoflap Saddle. Seat measures 17” by our tape. If you prefer the softest, grippiest leather available, you will appreciate this saddle. (Must feel leather in person to appreciate!) If you are not yet familiar with this brand, DK saddles are made with French and Italian leather and compare to the top French brands you already know and love. Here is more information: Dan Kroetch (DK) is a Master Saddle Fitter who travels widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia conducting saddle fitting clinics and giving lectures on the proper fitting of saddles. "My Goal is to eliminate discomfort for both horse and rider thereby maximizing performance by increasing freedom of movement.” In conjunction with Academy Bartels, Dan was invited to take part in a 15-month study with Utrecht Veterinary University in the Netherlands on how ill-fitting saddles affect the horse's movement. The findings were published in 2004. Dan has a reputation for being able to fit the most difficult horses and his specialty lies in his ability to help those horses that are experiencing pain from their existing saddles.

Here is more information from the manufacturer's website: At DK Saddlery the saddles are designed for maximum adjustability. Featuring an adjustable German gullet plate and flexible tree, the saddle can be adjusted to fit various horses. At DK Saddlery we believe an adjustable saddle combined with the Flair air-panel system provides the necessary tools for creating a well-fitting saddle. The saddle fitter will fine-tune the fit of the saddle by observing the rider at various gaits and adjusting the air pressure in the Flair panels.

Flap is generous enough to work for a regular to taller rider, measures approximately 14” in length from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 14” in width at the widest point to allow plenty of room from hip to knee. Padded flap. Front blocks are intergrated underneath the knee pads. Very good condition, I just see some light rubs on flaps at contact points and a small flaw on the seat (accounted for in price; see close-up photo). Has never had a nameplate on it, so let your be the first. One of the interesting features about this saddle is that it features the Flair panel system (not to be confused with the Cair system, which is made differently and not adjustable in my understanding), which are air-bladders that can be manually adjusted to have more or less air depending on the shape of your horse as your horse changes with time. (Currently the air bladders are inflated to a TB-friendly type of fit for a high-withered, lighter type of horse and with a generous dot to dot measurement of 5” you have a lot of room to create a completely different fit if needed by reducing the air in the panels.) Some riders pay quite a bit to have their current saddles of any number of various brands converted to the Flair panels, so this is a nice option in that it already has them installed. Comes with matching DK girth (which are made to order to match the saddle), complete with the wider-in-the-middle diamond-shape center feature designed to help keep the billet perpendicular.

I thought you might also like reading Dan Kroetch's perspective on how a girth impacts how a horse moves, since one of his girths is included: What I like to see in a girth is always have elastic on both ends of your girth. For horses' breathing increases 12-16x's in motion. The horse has to be able to expand his rib-cage to breathe therefore the girth must be able to accommodate that expansion. If the girth does not allow the rib-cage to expand the horse will begin to breath erratically in order to not push into the rigid girth. The length of the girth is very important also. The horses' elbow should never come into contact with the buckling system of the girth, for this can effect forward motion. The proper girth length for a dressage saddle is the circumference measurement of the horse where the girthing system lies minus 48-50 inches. For a jumping girth minus 25 inches. It is also very important to have a wide weight bearing surface on the sternum and pectoral muscles. I recommend a girth no narrower than 4 inches in the center of the girth. For horses that are downhill or are carrying a large barrel I recommend a 7" diamond so that the girths will help align the billets perpendicularly.

If you are interested in a saddle of the quality that retails up to $6,000 new, this may be the saddle for you. Great opportunity to get a saddle that compares with the best of the French brands at an attractive price point, with a nice bonus gift of the matching DK girth. $1995 SOLD 8/22/16