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Item #DG48C – Bruno Delgrange 17.5/18 Beautiful Condition 2015

$ 2,695.00


Bruno Delgrange Close Contact Jumping Saddle. (Fun Fact: the consignor tells us that Reed Kessler rode in this saddle a few times! Will it make us ride like Reed?) Stamped 18 and as is common for this brand, runs a little small, measuring approximately 17 ¾” by our tape so may work for a rider who takes a 17.5 or 18. (Most riders go up in Bruno Delgrange, so a rider who takes a 17.5 in most brands will generally take an 18 in Bruno Delgrange for example.) Padded flap. Features front and back blocks of a size designed to be supportive as the jumps get larger. Made in 2015. Very good condition. Flap is 5A (Bruno Delgrange flap sizing is a bit different than other French brands you may be more familiar with, where the Bruno Delgrange 5A is considered their "standard" length with a forward flap position on their 18 saddle, but it is comparable to a long length on other saddles as they adjust their "standard" length by seat size whereas other brands generally do not. To put it differently, they assume that the rider for this seat size has longer legs so the flap is sized accordingly, and flap is forward to allow leg room from hip to knee as well. The flap measurements are comparable to a long/forward flap such as a 3A flap in brands like Antares, Voltaire, Devoucoux or 3C in CWD.) Flap measures approximately 14” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 14 ¾” in width at the widest point. Tree is a medium that will work on a nice range of horses (in other words, it’s neither bordering on narrow nor bordering on wide, just a nice middle-of-the-road medium that tends to work on a lot of horses.) I just see a couple of small cantle dings, otherwise lovely condition. New in the neighborhood of $5,000. Try ours for less and enjoy the chance to test ride your exact saddle before you make a decision.  $2995