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Item #CW81C – CWD Saddle Cover, Very Good Condition, Retail $90 ours $60

$ 60.00


CWD cover, very good condition. Protect your investment in your saddle with this cover. I do not see a size marking on tag, but can tell you that this is a pretty standard size that fits a lot of saddles. (If you tell us the seat and flap size of your saddle we'll be happy to check it on one of our saddle for you if you like.)

- Slits and flaps on the sides for the stirrup leathers to pass through 
- Maximum protection of the saddle both when riding (i.e. can be ridden in to protect your saddle in rain) and in the stable 
- A cut that keeps the withers clear and fits the saddle closely
- Waterproof material and fleecy lining 

Only one in stock, so when it's gone, its gone! Retail $90. Ours just $60