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Item #CW75C – CWD **New In Package with Tags** Mademoiselle Anatomic Figure-8 Noseband Bridle Headstall with Stitching Retail $600, Ours $495

$ 495.00

CWD Mademoiselle Anatomic Figure-8 Noseband Bridle Headstall with Stitching. Fantastic chance to save on a new with tags in package premium CWD bridle. Size 3, (average horse size according to CWD sizing chart). Beautiful medium brown with a slightly lighter shade of brown padding for a subtle contrast. This is CWD’s top of the line bridle. Here is what the manufacturer has to say about this item: The anatomic figure of 8 noseband bridle with stitching is the latest product in the CWD bridle range which combines innovation and the horse’s comfort. The materials used and its ergonomic design make it the most comfortable bridle on the market: a thin layer of (ultra absorbent) foam in the headband considerably reduces pressure on the horse’s neck, a very sensitive area for horses. And as a bonus, a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing finish with white stitching, and piping of the headpiece, browband and noseband. Here is the link to manufacturer info: https://cwdsellier.com/us/en/boutique/product/mademoiselle-anatomic-figure-of-8-noseband-bridle-with-stitching We only have one in stock, so when it’s gone, it’s gone! Save $105 over retail. $495