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Item #CW73E – CWD Free Jump Collar (Training Aid for Improving Hand/Mouth Contact), Great Condition, Compare at $350

$ 215.00

CWD Free Jump Collar, ideal for stabilizing the contact with the rider’s hand and horse’s mouth. One size, adjustable. Brown in color. Great condition. The way this is used is that the collar goes around the base of the horse's neck, with pieces that snap onto the D rings of your saddle. The two other pieces are made of a bungee cord type material with a rubber "T" at the end that you hold between your fingers. The concept is that is that for riders who may have a tendency to pull, or tend to balance on the mouth, or with horses that are especially sensitive in the mouth, the rubber bungee cord absorbs some of that so there is less on pull on the horse's mouth. This aid helps protect the horse's mouth while the rider is in the process of learning lighter hands. It also prevents the rider from getting hands too wide, too high, or otherwise too far out of range from the ideal position. (We’ve heard really good reviews on this product from those who have one.) From the manufacturer: The freejump collar is a good teaching aid for horses that have problems with instability and/or delicate mouths. This freejump collar also helps the rider to maintain a good, correctly-positioned hand. It allows the rider to have a soft and regular contact with the horse's mouth as the hand action is partly absorbed in the elastic. This collar is very comfortable for the horse as it is lined with soft calfskin. It is highly adjustable to all types of riders thanks to the many adjustment points. The Freejump collar has white stitching. This high quality product is made of vegetable-dyed leather and soft calfskin. CWD accessories rarely come up for sale on the pre-owned market, so this is a rare chance to get one in great condition and save money versus buying it new. Test ride it and see what it can do for the communication between you and your horse. Unlike buying new, we offer a trial policy so can try it risk-free and return it if you don’t love it. $215