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Item #CW71C – CWD 16.5/17 Long Flap SE03 2015 Near Mint Condition, with CWD Leather Cantle Cover and CWD Wither Pad

$ 3,795.00


CWD SEO3 Close Contact Jumping Saddle. If you are seeking a saddle in as close to new condition as possible but at a used price, this may be the saddle for you! Stamped 16.5 and measures a little generous at approximately 16 ¾” by our tape so may work for a rider who takes either a 16.5 or a 17. This is the SE03 model, one of the newest additions to the CWD line, a flat seat model (which on this particular one in our opinion features a more narrow twist compared to the SE01 models. FYI the SE01 models that CWD also calls flat seat have been commonly considered more of a half-deep seat by most riders). If you don’t care for the wider twist of other CWD models or the wider twist on Antares, Devoucoux, etc, this may be a great one for you to try as the twist is more narrow than on these other brands/models. Here is a link to CWD’s description of the SE03 for your reference: http://bit.ly/2tlApZ2   Featured integrated panels for a closer feel of the horse. Cutaway sweat flaps allow improved lower leg contact with the horse’s sides. Front and back blocks. Made in 2015, and this is one of those special finds where this saddle has barely been used at all, still in demo condition. I just see signs of nameplate on back of cantle and a very small ding on cantle; the photos speak for themselves as to the condition of this saddle. Flap is long and standard position (3L), measuring approximately 14.5” from bottom of stirrup to bottom of flap and approximately14.5” flap width at the widest point. Tree is considered regular by manufacturer and measures approximately 5” between the dots under the pommel (a generous measurement, though not stamped AO/wide, and in combination with panel angle may offer the fit of regular tree but with a wider channel). Comes with some great extras, including a CWD leather cantle cover (to be added under the saddle cover to provide extra protection when storing, trailering to a show, etc.), and a CWD leather wither pad that can be used to create extra wither clearance, a helpful way to increase the fitting options for riding other horses or as your horse’s shape may change with work/age/seasonal weight fluctuations etc. Also includes fleecy-lined CWD saddle cover with the stirrup slots to allow you to ride up to the covered arena in inclement weather. New around $5,000. Stunning saddle. Ours just $3795 plus unlike new there is no wait time for the saddle to be made and you can try the finished product first to make sure you like it before you commit your dollars to the final purchase. $3795