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Item #CT12C - County 16.5, Medium/Wide "Number 3 Fit" Tree, Incredibly Supple Leather

$ 595.00


County 16.5” Close Contact Saddle. Seat measures true to size. Leather so supple that you can roll the flaps. Photos can't possible do this saddle justice, you really have to see it in person. Gorgeous dark brown leather in a color that resists marking, wear, or fading incredibly well over the years in my experience. This saddle features a narrow twist, which many riders find allows them to wrap their leg down and around the horse nicely. If you want a Butet but need an affordable alternative, this may be the answer, as it features a similar narrow twist and the seat is comparable to the Butet flat seat model. Plain flap. Some trainers prefer the plain flap as they feel it better develops a strong leg position than an overly-padded flap. (I’m told that Olympic rider Eric Lamaze prefers that his students ride in a plain flap, for example.)  However, if your trainer prefers padded flap, or you should ever change your mind, you could potentially add the knee pads later (almost any saddler can do that) if you want them and still have a very affordable saddle at the end of the day. Stamped “number 3 fit” which is approximately a medium-wide fit or may work for a horse with a high-wither and big shoulder combination. Flap No billet guards. No blocks, for a very close feel of the horse. Flap is generous enough to accommodate even a longer-legged rider, measuring approximatey 13” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 13” in width at the widest point. I do not see a year or model stamp. Tree is suitable for fitting an average to fuller-bodied horse (or perhaps the large shoulder/high wither combination). This saddle glows with good care. County saddles retail around $4,000.  $595 SOLD