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Item #B74E – Butet Felt and Calfskin Pad, Saffron Color, The Most Expensive "Cale B" Option with Foam, New $400, Excellent Condition, Ours Just $199

$ 199.00


Butet Felt and Calfskin Pad. In Butet’s signature “saffron” color option felt with what Butet calls “gold” (a.k.a. what the rest of us would call lighter brown) option leather trim and leather wither relief. This is the “cale B” option from Butet (which features foam from front to back), the most expensive option in this pad which retails for $400. Here is what the manufacturer has to say about this pad: The Butet Sellier Saumur Half Pad is designed to cushion the pressure exerted by the rider while working. This is a very low profile half pad. If your saddle fits properly, you won't need more padding. The pad is wool felt bound with grade A leather. It has a leather wither relief. It measures 21" from pommel to cantle. Excellent condition, not one mark or stain on felt, I just see a little uneven color in the leather on the wither relief area. Ours just $199.