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Item #AR14C - Amerigo Pinerolo 17.5" Full Calfskin, Long/Forward Flap, Medium-Wide Tree

$ 2,495.00


Amerigo Pinerolo 17.5” Close Contact Saddle. Full calfskin, for extra grip in the saddle. Gorgeous dark brown color. Tree is medium/wide (shown as “+1.5” in the serial number), with a measurement of approximately 4.5” between the two dots, suitable for many warmbloods and a variety of horses in general, a great choice for a trainer or other rider who rides more than one horse or wishes to be able to use this saddle on the current horse as well as potential future horses. Flap is long (“L” in the serial number on this brand) and forward (“JCAWP” in the serial number represents Amerigo Pinerolo close contact with the SW a.k.a. forward flap position). Flap measures approximately 14" from top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 15" in width at the widest point. Padded flap, with a slimmer pad for close feel of the horse. Front and back blocks. Has both billet guards. A unique feature on this saddle that is especially nice is that it has 4 billets on each side, which allows for a variety of positioning of the girth according to your or your trainer's preference. Amerigo saddles are wool-flocked, which means that a saddler can further fine-tune the fit to some extent for your current or future horse. Made in November 2009. Very good condition, I just see fading on the cantle. New retail in the $4k - $5k range. Before you buy new, try ours instead for a fraction of the price. Comes with original Amerigo saddle cover. $2495 SOLD