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Item #AN99C – Antares 17” Full Calfskin, Regular Flap, Regular Tree

$ 2,295.00


Antares 17” Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Full calfskin, an expensive premium upgrade option. Seat measures true to size. Regular tree, measuring approximately 4.5” between the dots under the pommel, a great size in our experience for fitting a variety of horses. Padded flap, with thinner padding style for a closer feel of the horse. Front and back blocks. Has both billet guards, the attached kind which is nice as it reduces the chance of billet guard being lost. Flap is standard length and position according to manufacturer stamp (in our opinion it is roomy enough to accommodate a longer femur), measuring approximately 13” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 13.5” in width at the widest part. Cutaway sweat flap design allows a very nice contact through the lower leg. I see darkening on the seat, some of the common crinkling texture on flaps that is common on calfskin, and on the underside it looks like the saddle may have been set on top of a white rail where some of the white paint has transferred onto the gullet (not visible unless saddle is turned upside down, see photo of finger pointing to this area). Made in 2007. Retail new in the full calfskin is around $5,000 + wait time. Great opportunity to enjoy the performance of an Antares at a fraction of the price. Ours just $2295.