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Item #DG50E Bruno Delgrange 16.5/17 2016, Excellent Condition

$ 2,995.00


Bruno Delgrange 16.5/17 Close Contact Jumping Saddle. Stamped 17, and measures 16 ¾ to 17 by our tape so may work for a rider who takes a 16.5 to 17 in most brands. Excellent condition, with only light use. Soft grippy leather.  Features the BDG logo (which can be ordered in almost any color) selected in matching leather for a conservative look well-suited to all three rings. (Fun fact: You can have the background swatch of leather switched through Bruno Delgrange if you ever want to do barn colors or try the hot trend of a color accent on saddles in the jumper ring. Then switch it back if you ever want to return to the conservative look. I like that trend-proof feature!) This is the Partition model, which the manufacturer describes as a half-deep seat. Here is a link to more info from the manufacturer on the Partition: https://www.brunodelgrange.com/en/jumping-saddle/2-partition.html   This is the two-billet design, which eliminates the common problem of the third lesser used billet not stretching evenly.  The Partition model features cut-away design at bottom of the flap to give superior contact through the lower leg which which riders will appreciate as they progress to more and more advanced levels (you can note the "flatter" profile along the bottom edge of the flap to give you better contact with the horse through your lower leg, compared to typical flaps that are rounded and drop down farther). Padded flap. Front and back blocks. Has both billet guards (we love the inscription on the billet guards, which read “One step closer to perfect riding.") Tree is regular (it does not have the fuzzy dots under the pommel) and we would describe it as a generous regular that will work for many horses; if you look at the front view you will note the generous panel angle. Flap measures approximately 13” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap, and approximately 14” in width at the widest part of the flap. Flap is considered long/forward for the seat size according to the stamp, and because the cutaway flap design eliminates about an inch or so off the length than such a flap would otherwise measure in the absence of the cutaway design, this would also work for a rider seeking regular length/forward flap, because the length measurement in actual inches is comparable to a regular flap in other brands/models without the cutaway design. (You can verify this via flap measurement comparisons.) Made in 2016.  I just see slight darkening at contact points. Comes with Bruno Delgrange saddle cover. Save thousands and your barn friends will still think you bought it new. New around $5,000. Ours just $2995.