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Item #CT30C - County Stabilizer 17" Must See Photos, Integrated Panels, Still Not Yet Broken-In, with Free Matching County Logic Girth and County Swag

$ 2,995.00


County Stabilizer 17” Close Contact Saddle. Better than new! We say this because you can enjoy similar condition to a new saddle but at a fraction of the price and with what we think is a better return/trial policy. Please see all the photos enlarged (by clicking on each) to appreciate how near spotless this saddle is! If you would like to have a saddle in as close to new condition as possible without the cost and wait time of a custom order, this may be your saddle. STUNNING saddle, still so new that it is not even broken in yet (once you finalize the sale after checking the fit, be prepared to ride in it a bit to help break it in just as you would any new saddle). Seat measures true to size. Beautiful rich dark brown leather in a shade that we find tends to resist wear and marking especially well. Flap measures approximately 14” from the top of the stirrup bars to the bottom of the flap and approximately 14” in width across the widest part, considered standard though we note the actual measurement is generous even for a rider with longer legs. Integrated panels offer a closer feels of the horse with less bulk under the leg. Tree is stamped medium, and I note that it allows some wither clearance that those of you with a horse with average to high withers will appreciate. Panels under the seat are slightly more built up to provide a nice level sitting surface for rider (to help avoid the saddle surface sloping from the front, helpful if your horse has higher withers or is built a little higher in front or has a bit of a sloping back). Comes with free matching County Logic girth in size 52” in beautiful condition. As a fun extra, this saddle is still so new that it comes with its original “swag” the new unused County hat that it came with originally as well as the County cover. Made in December 2014. Only the billets give away that the saddle has been girthed up at least once. This model retails around $4,200 + wait time plus $225 for the girth. Try ours for a fraction of the price and still have the opportunity to test ride and make sure it's right for you before you make a final decision (with custom orders you typically only get to test ride a demo saddle, not your finished saddle, so it can be complicated if you don't love the fit of your finished saddle. We prefer to provide you the chance to test ride your ACTUAL saddle to make absolutely sure you love it before you commit, which we think is more helpful.) $2,995