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Item #CW76C - Item #CW76C – CWD 17.5 Hunter Model 2GS (with the Leather Trim) Full Calfskin, All the Bells and Whistles, 2016 Model, Long/Forward Flap

$ 4,295.00

CWD 17.5” 2GS Full Calfskin Close Contact Jumping Saddle. This is one of the top saddles money can buy, outfitted with all the bells and whistles.This is the Hunter model version, which has the more conservative look of more leather trim as opposed to previous models that had more carbon fiber trim. Many riders love the 2GS Hunter model for the performance of a 2GS with a look that is traditional enough to cross over into hunter and equitation rings in addition to jumper rings. (Watch the Big Eq medal finals and you will see a high proportion of riders in this CWD 2GS Hunter model.) Seat measures approximately 17.5” by our tape, true to size. Flap is long and forward (3C) measuring approximately 14” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 15.5” in width at the widest point. Carbon fiber stirrup bars. Recessed stirrup leather keepers for less bulk under your leg. The 2GS is known to offer a channel for your leg for a lot of security. Full calfskin, an expensive premium option that offers a soft, grippy feel in the leather. Integrated panels for less bulk under the rider’s leg. Cutaway sweat flap for a better contact through the lower leg. CWD tells us that this saddle includes the pro panels, which are designed to help the saddle be able to fit a lot of different horses. Comes with CWD cover (including carrying strap that tucks into a pocket in the cantle), with stirrup slots so you can use this as a rain cover to ride up to the arena in drizzly weather. Regular tree, with a dot-to-dot measurement of approximately 4.5”, a fit that works for many horses. Very nice condition, I just see the usual light signs of use and if I look very closely, one hairline scratch on flap. Nameplate is located on sweat flap behind billets (since cantle style doesn't allow name plate attachment), and we've left the original owner's nameplate on so you can match the same size nameplate if you desire.  Made in 2016. Retails in the $7,000 - $8,000 range depending on options chosen, plus wait time. Great opportunity to get one of the most in-demand saddles on the market, without the new price tag or wait time (which can run up to 6 months on the 2GS). You can be riding in ours before this time next week, and have the benefit of test riding the finished product before you decide, and start enjoying the maximization of your riding performance right away. $4295