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B998E - Butet Practice Saddle 16/17, Wider Tree Fit for Horse/Pony, Rental or Purchase (Rental Deposit with Option to Keep Saddle)

SALE $ 1,595.00 $ 1,995.00


Rent the Butet Practice Saddle. This flap-free saddle is designed to strengthen your leg position.

(What is the Butet Practice Saddle? Visit link for details and photo: https://www.highendusedsaddles.com/pages/rent-our-butet-practice-saddle)

Rental fee is $100/week or $25/day to be deducted from deposit. (Transit time either direction is not charged in rental time, in fairness to you.) 

Renter is responsible for shipping both directions.

Option to keep saddle if you love it (in which case no rental fee applies and the security deposit becomes the purchase price.)

Currently available in sizes 16 - 17.  Contact us to ask about other sizes, as we may have others.

Tree fits a lot of horses, it has shorter points than a traditional saddle so there are fewer fitting issues for horses. 

Requires short girth (dressage or mono flap style girth), loaner girth available at no rental charge (loaner girth does require separate $100 deposit, add to cart here)

Butet Rental Agreement form will be emailed to you for your signature.