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Item #B73E – Butet Premium Full Calfskin NEW AND UNUSED 17.5/18 Long/Forward Flap for Taller Rider, the New “Medium” Seat Depth Model from Butet, Retail $6,000 - ours $4995

$ 4,995.00

Butet Premium Full Calfskin Saddle. This is the new “Medium” seat depth model, the latest model from Butet. Here is what Butet has to say about this model: The latest addition to the Butet range, the Medium saddle with its new seat will ensure the satisfaction of riders looking for more support, a steadier seat, and a greater fixity of the leg. In our opinion this saddle will work well for a rider who prefers a closer contact with less bulk between horse and rider. In terms of seat depth, this saddle would fall in between the Flat and the Half-Deep models of the current line. (Or to put it differently, of the 4 seat depths Butet currently offers, this one is number 2, the second flattest option). The narrow twist that made Butet famous allows the rider to wrap their leg down and around the horse especially well. Stamped 17.5 and measures approximately 18” by our tape so may work for a rider who takes 17.5 or 18. Flap is long and forward, appropriate for a taller rider, measuring approximately 14 ¾” from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap and approximately 15 ¾” in width at the widest point. Padded flap, with relatively slim, low-profile padding. Front and back blocks. Tree is suitable for a higher-withered horse such as a TB or lighter warmblood, measuring approximately 4 to 4 1/8” between the dots under the pommel. Comes with leather cantle cover. Comes with Butet cover, the newer style that is nylon to repel water, with fleecy style lining. This saddle was made in 2017, and sent to us still new and not yet ridden in, though it was girthed up just once to check the fit for horse. (You can see the little leather place holders near the stirrup bar are still there that the buyer will remove once they have put on their stirrup leathers to take this saddle for its first ride.) Comes with the manufacturer's Butet nameplate on the back (which does have a name on it already from when this saddle was ordered custom, but we have left it on so you can see the style in case you would like to order the same one from Butet. We find that the Butet nameplate is an especially beautiful style that incorporates the Butet logo similar to the nailhead on the pommel). Special note: to preserve the new condition of this saddle, we ask that trials be limited to one test ride with stirrups wrapped in socks to prevent marking. Retail is $6,000. Try Butet’s latest model, still new and perhaps better than new because of the savings of over $1,000 and the opportunity to try the finished product before you make a final decision. $4,995.