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Rent the Butet Practice Saddle


Maybe you've heard about it, but haven't tried one yet. 

If you haven't heard of it yet, you'd probably like to know what the heck it is. (See photo to check it out. it's essentially a Butet without flaps, which forces your legs to work harder.)

Try the Butet Practice Saddle without investing the cost of $3,800 new. I love mine, and realize that not every rider is in a position to purchase a second saddle just for practice, so to level the playing field, I'm willing willing to share mine with you where you pay just for a segment of time to play with the saddle.

I'll send you my Butet Practice Saddle to use to strengthen your legs for the time period you choose.

This is a great option for strengthening your legs that is halfway in between riding bareback and riding in your regular saddle.

Perfect for medal finals prep, getting your legs extra strong over a holiday break, or any rider who wants to tune up their leg strength. 

Rate: $100/week  or  $25/day    (we obviously do not charge you for days when the saddle is in transit)       

(Bonus: We can apply your rental fee toward purchase of the saddle upon request.)

Locations: Ships anywhere in the U.S. for rental. 

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"After riding in the Butet Practice Saddle, I finally rode in my CWD again and was shocked at how much more effective my leg was."  - Kelly W., Butet Practice Saddle rental program participant Sept 2018

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