HighEnd Used Saddles, LLC, Saddlery & Harness, Tucson, AZ

Quick List

Quick List of Inventory and Items Coming Soon      **updated daily**

For those of you who are seeking a specific saddle, this page has been created to give you a quick overview of what is currently in stock on the website, including items currently en route to me to be listed for sale.

For saddles coming soon, you may email me at info@highendusedsaddles.com if you would like to put your name on a list to receive a notification when a particular saddle has arrived.

*** If you would like to receive full specs, details, and information about a saddle that is listed as "expected soon," just ask to be notified of this saddle's arrival, and you will be provided this information when the saddle you are interested in arrives. Details such as specs, condition, photos, and price will not be available prior to the arrival of the saddle, as I need to see a saddle in person to be able to accurately provide details.


BUTET PRACTICE SADDLE RENTAL PROGRAM - we can ship you a Butet Practice Saddle for you to use. Visit our page for more information on this leg-strengthening tool!   https://www.highendusedsaddles.com/pages/rent-our-butet-practice-saddle

  • Butet Practice Saddle A1 (fits sizes 17" - 18") - available
  • Butet Practice Saddle B (fits sizes 16" - 17")  -  available 
  • Butet Practice Saddle A2 (fits sizes 17" - 18") - available


PREMIUM SADDLES  If you have a saddle to sell, please contact me for consignment information. In addition to my line of Premium brands (the top brands such as Antares, Butet, etc.) that I have always carried, I also now take moderately priced brands such as Crosby, Pessoa, Beval, etc for my Select Saddles section.

  • Antares 17, regular tree, 2011 model - listed  SOLD
  • Antares 17, 2014  - SOLD
  • Bruno Delgrange 16.5/17 with leathers and jointed irons  SOLD
  • Bruno Delgrange 17.5/18 2015 model - listed    SOLD 
  • Butet 17 - listed   SOLD
  • Butet 17 - listed  SOLD
  • Butet - 17/17.5, Long Flap, 2004 model  SOLD
  • CWD 16.5/17  3L - listed  SOLD
  • CWD 17  3C - listed   SOLD
  • CWD 18 3L 2011 - listed  SOLD
  • Hermes 16.5/17 - listed  SOLD
  • Stackhouse 18.5/19 - listed   SALE    
  • Tad Coffin 17/17.5 with SmartRide Tree - listed


  • M. Toulouse 17.5/18 Bridgette Pro with Genesis Adjustable Tree System (From Narrow to Extra Wide) - listed     
  • Stubben Genesis 17 CS Deluxe  - SOLD
  • Stubben Siegfried II 18 with Herm Sprenger Irons and other extras - listed   OUT ON TRIAL


  • New Voltaire Saddle Cover 
  • New Voltaire Saddle Soap 
  • New Voltaire Balsam Conditioner 
  • New Voltaire Stirrup Leathers - Call to order by size
  • New Voltaire Belly Guard Girth - Size 54" In Stock



  • Akene Conditioner - en route
  • Akene Soap - en route



  • Butet Saddle Cover  SOLD
  • Devoucoux Draw Reins
  • CWD Free Jump Collar, training aid for hand/mouth contact
  • Eggbutt Snaffle Bit  5 3/4"
  • Eggbutt Snaffle Bit  5"
  • European Elevator Bit 5 1/2"
  • Standing Martingale - listed
  • Rubber Reins - listed
  • Laced Reins, Walnut Brown, Soft Supple Leather   SOLD
  • Curb Reins, Walnut Brown, Soft Supple Leather
  • Tailored Sportsman TS Breeches, 28L, Cypress  SOLD
  • Tory English Bridle Leather Belt
  • Tailored Sportsman Show Coat, size Girls 12R, **new with tags** charcoal  SALE
  • Tailored Sportsman Breeches, size children 10, rust  SALE
  • Kerrits Zipper Sweatshirts, Set of 3, blue, Childs M  SALE
  • Folding Hoof Pick 
  • Laces for Field Boot
  • Ladies Prince of Wales Spurs with Black Leather Spur Straps