HighEnd Used Saddles, LLC, Saddlery & Harness, Tucson, AZ


Q: Where are you based?

A: We are located in Tucson, Arizona and ship nationwide on a daily basis to accommodate our clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Q: I am located in Tucson, can I avoid shipping costs and just meet you or pick up in Tucson?

A: In the early days of the company we did make some special accommodations for local buyers, but due to the growth and volume of business, we regret that we no longer are able to provide meet up options for pick-up or returns on saddles. To honor our valued local customers, we can however offer a special $14 shipping rate to orders shipping to a Tucson, AZ zip code (just ask us and we will assist you with setting up that special rate). We are a web-based business with a primary focus on a nationwide clientele, and currently ship all saddles out for trial.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Credit card (online or over the phone), check, or money order.

Q: Can I just give you my credit card number?

A: Yes. You can pay online with a credit card or alternatively over the phone with your credit card. Online payment is generally the most convenient. For completing your transaction online, please note that Paypal will allow you to pay with a credit card even without setting up a Paypal account. When you click on the Paypal link, it should provide an option to either login to your Paypal account, or on the far left of the screen in smaller print, an option to use a credit card without a Paypal account. These are the first two ways to pay using your credit card. The third way is to call with your credit card information. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with those options, you may send a check, money order, or even pay with a check from your credit card company.

Q: Do you offer a trial policy?

A: Yes, we not only offer a trial policy, we insist on it. We won't sell a saddle without a trial policy because we believe that checking the fit is crucial for horse and rider. All purchases on the come with a trial policy automatically included. You may click on the "Trial Policy" link on the left side of the screen to view trial terms.

Q: I am interested in a saddle but would like to see more photos before I request a trial. Do you have more photos available?

A: A full set of photos is available of every saddle on the site by clicking the photo of the saddle that interests you. Photos can be enlarged several times. Click on any photo to enlarge to a large size, and click again to make a photo extra-large which is nearly full-screen size.

Q: Can you sell my saddle?

A: If your saddle is a jumping saddle in the brand Antares, Butet, CWD, Childeric, Devoucoux, Delgrange, Tad Coffin, or similar brand, we may be able to take your saddle on consignment. We will need a full set of pictures by email and the complete serial number and a description of the areas of wear. You can send this information to us at info@highendusedsaddles.com. For consignment information, visit our consignment page.

Q: I have a nice saddle that is not listed as one of the brands you take. Will you consider taking it?

A: Email us to discuss whether I might be able to take your saddle (preferrable with photos, description of condition, and serial number or approximate age of your saddle).

Q: Do you take trade-ins?

A: We can sell your saddle for you and sell you a saddle that will suit your needs better than the previous saddle. We handle this as two separate transactions rather than as a trade-in. This allows you to use the cash from the sale of your saddle to shop for your next saddle with any dealer of your choice. We believe that choice is a good thing! Many of our clients find that selling with us offers a better price for their old saddle than doing a direct trade-in with a dealer.

Q: Do you take saddles on consignment?

A: Yes. Please see our consignment page for more information on selling your saddle.

Q: Will you be selling saddles at the Tucson Fall Preview Show or the HITS Tucson Series?

A: No, we generally do not have a vendor booth at these shows.

Q: Do you carry dressage saddles?

A: No. I focus exclusively on saddles for the hunter/jumper and cross-country rider at this time.

Q: Do you carry cross-country monoflap saddles?

A: Yes.

Q: How often do you get additional saddles in?

A: We generally get saddles in every week. If there is something specific you are looking for, I recommend that you bookmark the site and check back a couple of times a month. You will find the Quick List link helpful, as I list the saddles that I have coming soon on that page as well as the current list of inventory. You can also email us the specs you are looking for so that we can email you as new arrivals come in that may be of interest to you. Send your preferred specs to info@highendusedsaddles.com.